Creating the Plexsound Psychonote BW10 we cooperate with many companies. These are usually small specialized businesses as passionate and committed as we are. To thank them for excellent cooperation, we publish a list of our most important partners.

It is thanks to our partners that Plexsound can give you so much fun “twanging” your electric guitar.

The company prepares the amplifier chassis and the back cover for us. HS PRIMA uses advanced laser technology cutting equipment and CNC bending machines. Thanks to state-of-the art technology, HS PRIMA ensures that the components are made with exceptional precision.

EDIS Leszek Ogonowski

EDIS is a provider of power supply and speaker transformers, and anode chokes. EDIS is one of the most reputable Polish manufacturers of transformers for audio applications.

Quass 7 is a Polish company, founded in 1991. Since its inception, it has specialized in the production of bags and cases for mobile electronic devices. It has earned its reputation as a manufacturer of bags and cases for camera and laptops, as well as for measuring, optical, medical, and military equipment. The company cooperates with many global brands. Quass 7 sews covers for the Plexsound Psychonote BW 10 and cases for the reverb tank.

Super-Line is a leading manufacturer of industrial belts and slings. Product quality is a must in this industry. Belts made by Super-Line are often used in off-road events. Super-Line sews covers the Plexsound Psychonote BW10.