In the construction of the Plexsound Psychonote BW10 use only top quality components. We have never even considered cutting the construction costs of the amp thanks to cheap alternatives. Here is a list of manufacturers and brands that we use in the production of Plexsound Psychonote BW10.


Jensen speakers are a living legend of Rock’n’Roll. Jensen AlNiCo is one of the first speakers that has been used in guitar amps. The first Fender Bassmans and Bandmasters amps featured Jensen P15N speakers. The Fender Super Reverb amp was equipped with a Jensen P10Q speaker. AlNiCo is a type of magnet made of aluminium (Al), nickel (Ni) and cobalt (Co) alloy. Speakers with this type of magnet offer soft and warm sound. The AlNiCo Jensen is regarded as an excellent speaker for blues, jazz, and rock music. Cobalt is a rare and very expensive metal, so now AlNiCo magnets are used only in the most exclusive speakers and guitar pickups. Today, AlNiCo Jensen speakers are made with many of the original parts from the 1950s and 1960s. Paper used for the construction of membranes is an important element influencing the sound of the speaker, so in the AlNiCo series Jensen uses the same kind paper as that which was used in vintage speakers. In the Plexsound Psychonote we used the Jensen P10Q 40W speaker

The company was founded in the UK in 1924. Brothers Cyril and Ray French started their business in a workshop in Hampton Wick. “Celestion” was their first patented speaker, created a year later. Over the next decades, the company kept developing along with the times – during World War II it produced speakers for factories, tanks, and submarines, and in the decades after the war it became the voice of rock’n’roll when Vox and Marshall first installed Celestion speakers in their amplifiers. In the Plexsound Psychonote BW 10, we used the Celestion G10 Vintage 60W speaker.

New Sensor Corporation

New Sensor is a US company that owns brands such as Mullard, Tung-Sol, Sovtec and Electro-Harmonix. We use the Mullard 12AX7 tube in the first stage preamp, and the 6L6WXT+ Sovtec Platinum Matched Pair as power tubes.

T.A.D. (Tube Amp Doctor)

TAD tubes are manufactured in China under the supervision of and in accordance with the technical design made by German engineers. The manufacturing follows a very strict technological regime.

We use the TAD 12AX7 7025 WA TAD Highgrade Premium Selected Balanced tubes use in the other stages of the preamplifier.

JJ Electronic

Since 1994, JJ Electronic has continued to produce tubes and electrolytic capacitors in the former Tesla plant in Slovakia. We use the GZ-34 rectifier tube and electrolytic capacitors operating at high voltages.

Carling is one of the most renowned manufacturers of various types of electrical switches. The company was established in the US in 1920 by Arthur Carling. In the Plexsound use only Carling switches.

A renowned manufacturer of electronic components. All potentiometers used in the Plexsound Psychonote BW10 are Bourns HRT series.

Cornell Dubilier Electronic (Mallory)

A global leader in the manufacture of capacitors. Cornel Dubilier Mallory owns the brand associated with the best capacitors in audio applications. In the Plexsound Psychonote BW10 use Mallory 150 series capacitors.